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Matching Problems

Mar 5, 2011 at 7:57 PM

Recently I've noticed that i am having some other matching problems with the script. Two particular issues i am seeing at the moment:

  • I have a series set up in the only list and correctly set up in the series info list but the script says it is not and doesn't process. i have a large number of series on the only list, could this be the cause?
  • i have "the office- an american workplace" set up correctly in both yet the script seems to be querying thetvdb for "the office", finds multiple matches and therefore ignores the series. the name is correctly set up in the seriesinfo.xml.

both these have previously worked with earlier versions of the script. logs available if needed


Mar 6, 2011 at 2:17 AM

solved my problem, there was 2 actually. the first was that the serieslist had got a bit messed up, similar to what pezboy noted in the thread where we were discussing the SP1 errors. two series were duplicated loads of times with different series ID's causing them not to match. its still doing it to some degree, its appending 2 series at the bottom of the list of a series that is already set up in the serieslist.xml but with some ID's that i cannot identify. this is now causing that series to fail

the second problem related to the US office. the filename is "the office- an american workplace_channel_date_time" but when you look at the metadata the series name is the office: an american workplace. clearly the serieslist.xml has to match the series in the metadata, which it seems is not always the same as the file name.

Mar 6, 2011 at 3:09 AM

found a workaround for the first problem, i've just added a dummy recording as the first one in the serieslist.xml. its still appending duplicate versions of it with random series id's but its processing everything i want it to so i can live with this.

i do remember seeing this in a number of previous versions, i think previously it must just have been a little recorded series that i had first up and only when it was one that had loads of recordings that i noticed it.

Mar 6, 2011 at 3:12 PM

Which version of the script are you using? There was a slightly amended version that I uploaded as a source code-only release (i.e. not a full build) which should be saving the SeriesList XML file correctly. If you aren't already using that version, please download it. Then I suggest that you wipe the contents of the SeriesList file except for one entry - it doesn't matter which entry so long as it is a valid one. You need one entry as the script can only add new series by "cloning" an existing entry.

With regard to The Office, the name of the actual file when it is recorded is unimportant. The script only looks at metadata. Now, there was a recent change made to the script so that it uses the version of the programme name as stored in the metadata rather than the version of the programme name as stored in TvDB. It may help me to understand the problem better if you can upload some logs.



Mar 6, 2011 at 11:34 PM

ok, on the office i was under the impression it looked at the file name so no worries there.

on the serieslist.xml problem i am using the latest script that you linked to in the conversation with pezboy (9250), but as i say i have seen it with many of the historical versions but have only just realised that its this problem. but i have cleared the seriesinfo.xml apart from one valid series and ran it again. you can see the results from the attached. should have kept a copy of serieslist.xml before wiping it though