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Matching Ampersands (&)

Sep 1, 2011 at 8:59 PM


I have a problem where the meta data for an episode cannot match the episode name in TVDB, due to one having an ampersand and the other using the word "and".

The meta data contains an episode name of "Thomas and the Runaway Car", however the episode in TVDB is stored as Thomas & The Runaway Car.

Can you create another tag like the change_char tag which allows you to specify a set of match alternatives. So then I would be able to dictate that when matching (if no immediate match was found form the original episode name) you should substitute, in my case "and" for "&" and try to match again. Only then if there was no match from either possibility, would you go into the lengthy scoring match.

I have another issue, but I'll raise it on a separate discussion.