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Automatically move from 'Recorded TV' to either 'Movies' or 'TV Series' folders

Oct 19, 2011 at 6:38 PM

I am half way through creating own software but have just found WTV-MetaRenamer.  My goals are almost identical except that I would want the service to monitor the 'Recorded TV' folder and automatically move series episodes to my 'TV Series' folder (using season and episode subfolders etc) and movies to my 'Movies' folder.

WMC already identifies movies to display in WMC's Movies list and colour them purple in the TV guide.  To prevent arbitrary recordings from being moved I would manually define exactly what TV series I am looking out for; e.g. enter to GUI or XML file: "Family Guy", "Lost", etc.

This would mean I could record as much and as messily as I like but the things I want to keep are automatically moved to safety and subsequently organised by 'My Movies'.

Let me know your thoughts, pcolmer.  I guess I’ll have to carry on coding for now though.