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Ep Missing the Subtitle

Apr 14, 2012 at 6:48 PM
Edited Apr 14, 2012 at 6:50 PM

Hi.  First off, I love this program. 

Secondly, I have one show "Survivor: One World" that didn't get a subtitle with it.  So it seems to be failing its lookup on TVDB.  Not sure if this is just a one-off or what, but I just wanted to make sure I set this up correctly. 

File is this - Survivor- One World_KDKADT_2012_04_11_19_59_00.wtv

SeriesList.XML has this:

    <SeriesName>Survivor: One World</SeriesName>

At first I didn't have either MatchBroadcastDate or MatchRecordingDate listed.  But I added them after subsequent runs thinking they would work. I've tried it both ways, setting either one to True.

Here is the Log output.

WTV-MetaRenamer v0.13
... found 'Date Created' at index 4
... found 'Title' at index 21
... found 'Subtitle' at index 196
... found 'Broadcast date' at index 258
... found 'Program Description' at index 259
... found 'Recording time' at index 260
... series 82066 has been changed
Processing Survivor- One World_KDKADT_2012_04_11_19_59_00.wtv
... title is 'Survivor: One World'
... FetchSeriesID returning 76733 from cache
... returning default language code en
... returning MatchBroadcastDate as true
... returning MatchRecordingDate as false
... SeriesIsInIgnoreList
...... ignore list is empty
...... returning False
... SeriesIsNotInOnlyList
...... only list is empty
...... returning False
... retrieved episode information from cache
... testing against the description and colon delimiter
... MatchEpisode: trying to find an episode that matches ''
... matched 9 times - unable to safely rename
... S01E00 -  [Original airdate: ]
... S01E00 -  [Original airdate: ]
... S07E00 -  [Original airdate: ]
... S07E00 -  [Original airdate: ]
... S07E00 -  [Original airdate: ]
... S07E00 -  [Original airdate: ]
... S07E00 -  [Original airdate: ]
... S07E00 -  [Original airdate: ]
... S21E00 -  [Original airdate: ]
... failed to match TV programme precisely against the database


As you can see since the Subtitle is missing it looks for all episodes that have missing titles.  It didn't match none of these, so it failed.  All the rest of the shows wtvrenamer ran against worked except this show.  Do I have this setup correctly?

Thanks again