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S00E41 in log file but cant find it on

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Dec 13, 2012 at 8:43 PM

Hi I have a couple of shows that find 2 matches as shown in the log and cant find a match. But whats I dont understand is that in the example below it finds  a match for S00E41 and S03E31, the second is right  but why does it find the first. If I look on site it doesnt find the S00E41 episode.



Processing Mickey Mouse Clubhouse_DISNP_2012_07_13_08_56_31.wtv

... title is 'Mickey Mouse Clubhouse'... FetchSeriesID returning 79854 from cache

... returning default language code en

... returning MatchBroadcastDate as True

... returning MatchBroadcastDate as False

... SeriesIsInIgnoreList...... ignore list is empty...... returning False

... SeriesIsNotInOnlyList

...... only list is empty

...... returning False

... retrieved episode information from cache

... testing against the subtitle metadata

... MatchEpisodePrecisely: trying to find an episode that matches 'Donald Hatches an Egg'

... matched 2 times - unable to safely rename

... S00E41 - Donald Hatches an Egg [Original airdate: ]

... S03E31 - Donald Hatches an Egg [Original airdate: 2012-07-13]

... failed to match TV programme precisely against the database

Dec 13, 2012 at 8:59 PM

Ok well it seems that someone has made a entry for a "Special" with the same name. Is there any way to have your script not use "Special" seasons for its match on a per show basis.