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"Cannot continue if Ionic.Zip.dll cannot be found or loaded"

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Jan 5, 2013 at 12:33 AM

This script seems like a great idea-- but I can't quite get it to work.  I dumped the contents of the v0.17 folder into the folder where my .wtv files are, and configured Powershell to allow unsigned scripts.  I tried to unblock the script (as described in the manual) and to unblock the .dll (as solved the problem for someone else), but I could not find the button to do so after going through all the tabs of the property window.

I am running Windows 7x64 SP1.  Below is output from powershell.

PS M:\Recorded TV> ./wtv-metarenamer.ps1
Cannot continue if Ionic.Zip.dll cannot be found or loaded
At M:\Recorded TV\WTV-MetaRenamer.ps1:2755 char:10
+     Throw <<<<  "Cannot continue if Ionic.Zip.dll cannot be found or loaded"
    + CategoryInfo          : OperationStopped: (Cannot continue...found or lo
   aded:String) [], RuntimeException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : Cannot continue if Ionic.Zip.dll cannot be found
    or loaded

Apr 21, 2013 at 6:22 AM
I know this is a slow response but perhaps you are still struggling or maybe someone else could use this.

I had the same problem. Windows 7x64 SP1. Put unzipped 0.17 folder in folder with my .wtv files. Configured Powershell to allow unsigned scripts. Had unblocked the script. BUT, had NOT unblocked the Ionic.Zip.dll. Unblocking Ionic.Zip.dll, fixed the issue for me. I could not find where Unblocking Ionic.Zip.dll. is listed in WTV-MetaRenamer.pdf installation guide, but I think it is important to unblock it. Oh, and I did close and reopen Powershell and was running it from a batch file.

Batch files now seems to run successfully whether I give the bat file admin privs or runs if I just double click it.

"if it help, here's my bat file. My username edited out to protect the innocent.... Will modify it when I get done testing and move it to my home media center PC.

rem @echo off
cd C:\Users\My-Name\Desktop\WTV-file-test\
powershell -command "& 'C:\Users\My-Name\Desktop\WTV-file-test\wtv-metarenamer.ps1' "

You mentioned " but I could not find the button to do so after going through all the tabs of the property window." I have unblocked my Ionic.Zip.dll and, now, I do not see the unblocked button on the First General Tab under Properties.

But I had a backup copy and checked. If you have not unblocked it, the unblock button should be at the bottom on the lower right side. The word Security is on the lower left. In between is this verbage "This file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer" Just to the right should be the Unblocked button.

Also. I only made one change to the WTV-MetaRenamer.XML configuration file. <move_to>C:\TV\</move_to>
I created an empty TV folder off my c: drive. TV folder was empty with no subfolders. I wanted to confirm that WTV-MetaRenamer would create the series and season folders, "TV" folder did NOT have those sub-folders.

I had one episode from a new Travel Channel series in .tv format. The script nailed it. Renamed the file correctly so I can use it in XBMC for scaping and the script also created the right Show folder and Season Folder and moved the newly renamed WTV folder into the correct sub folder. I plan to tweak the script to look for MPG extensions vs WTV. I saw in this Using on DVR-MS files? discussion where someone else tweaked the script to do that for DVR-MS. I am using another tool to convert WTV to MPG and then WTV-MetaRenamer is the perfect next utility to fix the tv-show filename and put it in the right season folder.

Hope that helps. The script is fantastic!!
Jun 3, 2013 at 12:10 PM
V0.18 has some changes that should reduce the problems experienced with not finding the Zip DLL.