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A Noob suggestion: a timestamp name-field

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May 30, 2013 at 8:21 PM
WMR appears to be a -great- tool! Many thanks. This post is more a suggestion than question, but I'm unclear on where to post such.

Because of a problem I've experienced with my Ceton tuners -- or, more accurately, a problem almost certainly caused by Something Else interfering with those tuners -- over the past year I've experienced a number of aborted-then-resumed recordings. A show might have two (or, rarely three) separate files which, concatenated, reveal most of the desired recording.

As a Noob to WMR, I might be miss-reading the PDF, but as I infer the Rules: the first program fragment (file) in my situation would receive the expected name, while any further fragments would take whatever step the name-collision rules dictate.

I -- and possibly only -I- -- would like a fifth name element "{4}" which would indicate a recording-started-at time-stamp to be added to the name. Preferably it would have the option to only be added in the event of name-collisions: something like "{-4}" might indicate -conditional- appending -- only in event of a collision. (For conditional use, the "-" separator implied by "{-4}" would be inserted[?].)

Whether the date should also be included would be for you to determine: for my purposes this is just a disambiguation field and I'm not much concerned about prettiness or length. Note that without a Date, segment sequences crossing Midnight would raise ordering issues: X-Y-Z-2330 would sort later than X-Y-Z-0015, although it most likely aired earlier. Note also that YYYYMMDD seems the required date format for sort-sanity.

Now... back to scripting the best way to use WMR. And, thanks again!!!
Jun 1, 2013 at 3:48 PM
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